The First Blog Post

The blog must start somewhere. So why not here!

Hello there, we are Brumann Digital, it is nice to meet you! At the moment we are a small team based in Brisbane. By small I mean my beautiful golden retriever, Archie and myself.

Brumann profiles

We are going to keep this light seeing it is our first blog but we will be posting regularly on a number of topics. Some of the topics may include

  • Retail tips and tricks that we have seen work so our retail customers will be able to implement them into their stores.
  • Reviews of business tools and apps.
  • Many other helpful tips that you will be able to implement into your work life and maybe even outside work too!

We thought we would do a bit of show and tell of the work we have done this week as well

  • We have been busy getting our site online finally! Brumann Digital has been around for just over a year now.
  • We reworked some email templates for a customer and kept it fresh for them. Check it out here
  • We performed customer surveys for two of our customers. Very different topics one about their store and one about how they want to reduce plastic bags and help get their community involved.
  • Archie has been busy barking at birds

We hope you stick around and keep watching this space as we have some really good things coming up!

Cheers, Ben & Archie