IGA Market Central at Wentworth Point

A trip to Sydney was on the itinerary to help out with the opening of IGA Market Central at Wentworth Point.

IGA Market Central at Wentworth Point

All systems go at IGA Market Central!

Last week I travelled down to Sydney to help out the IGA Market Central team open their new store at Wentworth Point. The project was almost complete but all the systems needed to have a lot of work done to get everything online and operating for the opening on Thursday 26th October.

I helped Petar and the rest of the team to get over 9000 products into the system, get their scales online with the correct formatting and get the store ticketed. I also helped out Worldsmart to install their software and hardware. Other things I did while there included

  • Transferred existing speed screens from their other store to make the operators feel comfortable
  • Transferred product images for produce lines
  • Implemented other tried and tested SQLs which help the store going forward reduce label usage and other reporting level tasks.

I didn’t do this one alone and got plenty of help from Alex, Daryl and Sam from ABCIS as well as on ground support from Joseph Sue from Metcash Retail Technology and Ralph from Worldsmart who were great as well. I hadn’t met the NSW guys but we had great banter between us all and made the long days enjoyable.

After many long days and very little sleep, we got there and opened the store to the customers on Thursday. They were thrilled with the final result and the store was looking sensational. With technology enabling us to do so much remotely it was a joy to work on site because you get to see the finished result in real life and see the smiles on the customer’s faces when they step into the store.

Petar and his team were happy as well which is the most important thing. We had plenty of laughs along the way but most importantly there were no tears.

I should have taken more photos but unfortunately, I was too busy working. Here are a few more happy snaps from my time there but if you are in the area make sure you check it out.

IMG 2702 The mist onto the fresh Chinese vegetables created a unique experience and a very different welcome.

IMG 2703 The flowers behind the service desk certainly added a big impact to the entrance.

IMG 2705 The aisles were fully stocked and looking on point ready for opening day.

IMG 2704 Fresh As.

If you think I could help out with your store opening or your next big project then get in touch.