Help Guide for Email Campaign Report.

This is a helpful guide to understand the Brumann Digital Email Campaign Report. We will provide all the information you will need so you know what each column means.


This is the number of subscribers the email campaign was sent to.


The number of recipients that didn’t hard or bounce on this campaign.


Bounces are broken down into 2 categories.

Soft Bounce

Soft bounces typically indicate a temporary delivery issue to an address and are handled differently than hard bounces. We will continue to attempt to deliver the email over the course of three days. If the email still soft bounces after we’ve attempted delivery for those three days, it will remain logged as a soft bounce on the live report.

If an email address continues to soft bounce across multiple campaigns, the address will be considered a hard bounce after 7 unsuccessful attempts and cleaned from the list.

Typical examples of soft bounces

    • Mailbox is full (over quota).
    • Recipient email server is down or offline.
Hard Bounce

A hard bounce indicates a permanent reason an email cannot be delivered. Once a hard bounce occurs the subscriber is removed from the list.

There are many reasons why hard bounces occur but here are the most common

    • Recipient Email address does not exist
    • Domain name does not exist
    • Recipient email server has completely blocked delivery.


Opens are broken down into 2 categories.

Unique Opens

The total number of unique recipients that have opened the email campaign. People who have opened the email campaign multiple times will only be counted as 1.

Total Opens

Number of recipients that opened this campaign any number of times. This count includes multiple opens from individual recipients.

Open Rate

Percentage of successfully delivered campaigns that registered as an open.


Clicks are broken down into 2 categories.

Unique Clicks

The total number of links clicked in the campaign per recipient. Links that have been clicked multiple times by the recipient will only be counted as 1.

Total Clicks

Total number of times links were clicked by recipients. This count includes multiple clicks from individual recipients.


Number of subscribers that opted out of the list using the unsubscribe link in email campaign.


Number of recipients that reported the email campaign as spam.