HTML Email Signatures for Gmail.

Step 1: Open your HTML file that Brumann Digital has sent you

From the Email that Brumann Digital sent you open the HTML File. It should open in your default web browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Step 2: Copy Signature

Select your entire signature design (Mac – Command+A  WIN – CTRL+A ) and Copy (Mac – Command+C  WIN – CTRL+C).

Step 3: Open GMail Settings

In Gmail, you may see a Cog icon on the upper right hand side. In the drop down menu, go to Settings.

Step 4: Paste HTML Content and Save

Under the General tab in Settings, scroll down till you find the Signature section. Click inside the Signature edit box and go to Edit > Paste to paste in the HTML you have stored in the clipboard (Mac – Command+V  WIN – CTRL+V ). Click “Save Changes” right below the Signature edit box.