New In Store Signage at Tugun Market Co.

As part of the complete store renovation at Tugun Market Co, the owner Steve Walsh wanted to make an impact at the front of their store.

So after discussion with Steve and his team we suggested our fully customised in store signage solution. It was really important to them to highlight the brand and store’s values to their customers.

We sourced and created custom videos and imagery which showcased

  • The beautiful beaches in their local area
  • Vibrant, healthy & tasty food
  • Lifestyle images that their wonderful customers can relate to
Front Video Signage at Tugun Market Co

Joel from our team attended site and set up the devices on the pre-installed displays. The whole installation took about an hour.

We think it looks great and most importantly, Steve, his team and the locals at Tugun Market Co ♥ it.

One of the many features our devices have is that we can remotely connect and update them regularly. Whenever there is a new advertising campaign or competition, change of season or anything else that might be happening in store we update the images and videos on display.

We know fresh is one of our Tugun Market Co’s focus so we are doing our part to keep it fresh with the signage and branding updates.

Does this sound great and you are interested in our in store signage?

Here is our 4 step process

  1. Source your display
    • We can suggest one if you aren’t an expert
  2. We design an in store signage solution for you & you sign off on the preview.
  3. Get TV mounted and installed.
    • It’s usually best to get a local TV mounting company but we can refer one.
  4. We then install our device in store.
    • If you are not in South East QLD then we can discuss installation options.